Home is Where the Heart Is…

by Renee on June 21, 2019

And friends, my heart is in Ohio. Living in Raleigh has been a year-long adventure. I am so glad I met the people I met, and got to experience the fun and food and craft brew scene in North Carolina. My BFF Cami calls Raleigh home, so you know I’ll be back–I know our adventures aren’t over, by far.

There is something about NE Ohio that gets under your skin… the people, the places, the grit and determination of a region that is almost always considered the underdog. I’ve missed it, snow and all.

I’m looking forward to finally getting to one of my daughter’s improv shows, having more Sunday dinners with my Mom, and checking out the new breweries that have popped up in Cleveland and Akron since I’ve been away.

On a recent trip home to Ohio, I returned with a case of Great Lakes beers…which quickly disappeared from my fridge in Raleigh. Time to restock and start packing up. My move date is in mid-July. Looking forward to breaking out my Browns gear for fall…cheers!

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Jack Officially Makes History…

by Renee on March 15, 2019

Growing up in suburban Washington, D.C., every field trip of my life it seemed was at one of the Smithsonian museums–and sometime this fall, my father’s New Albion Brewing Company will be among the exhibits! I couldn’t have imagined it back in the day, when I didn’t even know who my birthfather was, let alone what he would be remembered for.

On Saturday, March 9, 2019, history came calling for Jack. Theresa McCulla, the historian for American Brewing History at the Museum of American History, along with her colleague Steve, came to Arkansas to record an oral history with my dad–forever known as the father of American craft beer. They arrived in the morning, and first took an oral history from me. I told the tale of finding Jack, connecting with Jim Koch of Boston Beer, and regaining the New Albion trademark, and brewing the original New Albion recipes with Platform Beer.

After a short break, we went to Jack’s place, and he proudly showed Theresa and Steve his workshop, collection of memorabilia, books, and photos. They then sat down to take a formal oral history. This story of the origins of craft beer and New Albion, as told by Jack, will live on in the archives the Smithsonian. (Eventually you will be able to listen to it online as well, I’ll post a link when it becomes available.)

Following the formal interview, it was time for a beer or three to celebrate! Jack, Theresa, Steve, my aunt Cathy and I took a drive to his favorite brewpub in Siloam Springs, the Creekside Taproom. Our hero was welcomed with cheers and back slaps and of course his favorite brew. Everyone gushed about how they loved having Jack as their local regular. It was a day of celebration, recognition, making new friends, and of course, making history! Cheers to Jack and New Albion living on in the American archives of the Smithsonian Institution!



The Roots of Craft Beer: Featured Podcast

by Renee on December 24, 2018

It has been quite a year for me… moving to North Carolina and beginning my exploration of my beery new state, sharing the New Albion story with those I’ve met here and raising a few pints. People are always fascinated by the tale of Jack and his brew, and I’m always appreciative of those who want to learn more. Recently I was interviewed by one of the producers of the Food Non-Fiction podcast. Take a listen here! I hope your holidays are merry, and those you love are around your table.

Cheers to a new year filled with your favorite craft beers!


Raleigh Beer Week!

October 6, 2018

It’s Raleigh Beer Week, y’all! When I landed in Raleigh in April, I was thrilled to discover it was North Carolina Beer Month, and happily took part in Brewgaloo, the largest beer festival in the state. A month later, I had the chance to visit Asheville, one of the beeriest cities in my new state. […]

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