acbw15_fbbadge_1May has rolled around, and once again American Craft Beer Week is here! As I noted in my blog post at this time last year, it’s also the birthday of the father of craft beer, my father, Jack McAuliffe! Jack turns 70 on May 11th, and I’m looking forward to having a toast with him at a big summer shindig at his place in July! I’m pretty sure I’ll be road tripping it so I can bring a keg of New Albion Ale with me…what party of Jack’s would be complete without it!?

Meanwhile, the Brewer’s Association has this to say about celebrating craft beer this week: “The United States is now home to more than 3,400 small and independent craft brewers and Americans’ interest and excitement for craft beer is at historic levels.” We’ve come quite a long way from the founding of New Albion Brewing Company in Sonoma in 1976!

To celebrate, there are sure to be events going on in your area–here in Cleveland, the localjack/shaun Girls Pint Out group is having a Dogfish outing on Friday. But really the best way to celebrate is to lift a glass of your favorite craft beer, as Jack is doing here–drinking New Albion Ale with Platform Beer’s head brewer Shaun Yasaki. We mashed in the latest 10 bbl batch last week, and you can expect to find New Albion Ale on tap again at the end of this month! (At Platform, some Heinen’s stores, Flip Side, and several other venues…stay tuned to social media for updates!) Cheers to many more years of growth for American-owned, hand crafted brews!


BBC15badgeHello dear reader. Sorry I’ve been remiss in updating this blog–but it has been quite a whirlwind as New Albion Ale has been selling like crazy since we re-released it in early 2015. I made a number of appearances pouring and promoting, including a stop at my local Heinen’s stores and a Girls Pint Out Cleveland tasting at Platform Beer Company.

I’m happy to let you know that I’ve been named as a panelist at the next Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference, coming up in July in Asheville, NC (I can’t wait to check out the craft beer scene there, I’ve never been!). I’ll be speaking on a panel of beer bloggers who have found themselves working in the business of beer. I’ll be appearing with Eric Steen, who turned his blogging into a job with Hopworks Brewery in Oregon, and Mark deNote, who grew from blogging into becoming a published book author.

I attended the very first Beer Bloggers Conference  in 2010, which was a great gerardexperience. I had just launched my blog and was such a newbie–it was wonderful making friends who I’m still in touch with today, including Julia Herz of the Brewers Association, Mariah Calagione of Dogfish Head and Gerard Walen of Beer in Florida, as well as many others. A few years later I attended the Boston conference as well. It has grown and become an important touchstone for me. I really look forward to meeting many others, and hearing keynoter Kim Jordan of New Belgium Beer. I had the opportunity to hear her speak once before at a Craft Brewers Conference. I’m sorry I’ll be missing CBC this year in Portland, OR. It coincides with a conference I’m attending next week for my Real Life job. So far beer isn’t paying all the bills! But that’s okay. New Albion is growing and I’m very pleased with the progress. Platform Beer recently announced their own expansion, which is great news for us as well.

Meanwhile, if you’re a beer writer or blogger, I hope you’ll consider joining me in Asheville! Cheers~


Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

by Renee on February 18, 2015

growlerThe day finally arrived–a day I had worked toward for two years–delivery of New Albion Ale to local Heinen’s stores all around NE Ohio! When the Boston Beer/Sam Adams release happened in January 2013, Jack and I went on tour for the beer, and while we drove around to promote it, we had talks about what we would do when the brand’s trademark was released back to Jack. He asked if I’d want to continue brewing it, and I think I surprised even myself when I said, “Yes, of course!”

After incorporating the Brewer’s Daughter Beer Company LLC with the help of my business lawyer, finding investors, several starts and stops finding the right brewing partner, working out all the details with Platform Beer, and a soft launch during Cleveland Beer Week last October, it was finally time for the Real Deal. The first 10 bbl batch was ready, and it was time to deliver!

The day dawned cold and clear–I was happy there was no snow, something we’ve had no shortage ofbridge lately. I arrived at Platform with the big Dodge Nitro, plenty of room for 9 sixth barrels in the back. I’m no dummy, so I also brought a couple of my own growlers for filling. And the beer is delicious! Shaun Yasaki, Platform’s head brewer, did a great job with the recipe. When Jack was here in October, he offered a few notes, and Shaun tweaked it perfectly. Today’s New Albion Ale is amazingly on point, and fresh, with just the right balance of malt and hops.

listI have to confess, I had tears in my eyes a couple of times as I was driving from one Heinen’s store to the next, thinking about this journey I’ve been on. From finding my birthmother, Linda, to finding Jack, and then heading down this beery road with him–it has been filled with wonderful people, places and opportunities. (An interview I did with Jim McIntyre at WHK radio that aired this week details most of it. You can listenkeg to it HERE.)

This Saturday, Feb. 21st, I will be at the Bainbridge and Pepper Pike Heinen’s stores to talk about the New Albion story and pour some of its golden deliciousness for you. I hope you’ll come out and fill your growler with a taste of craft beer history! Cheers to this beery journey!




New Albion in the New Year: Plans for 2015

January 14, 2015

It’s a new year, and this one is going to be good for us at New Albion Brewing Company–and if you are a fan of the Ale, we’ve got good news for you! Our brewery partners, Platform Beer Company, only in business since last July, have recently expanded their capacity by adding a new 10 [...]

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